What is the Iowa PGA Golf Pass?

An Iowa PGA Golf Pass is a hard copy booklet or electronic golf pass that contains FREE or discounted rates at over 250 golf facilities across Iowa and Western Illinois! By purchasing the golf pass, you can save hundreds, even thousands, of dollars on green fees, cart rentals, range balls, merchandise, and golf lessons!  Once you purchase your Iowa PGA Golf Pass, we will immediately send it to you via United States Postal Service and shipping and handling is free

How Do I Redeem the Coupons with the Electronic Golf Pass?

Simple! Once viewing the offer, you can either click REDEEM, PRINT, or SAVE THE OFFER.

REDEEM = This button will be used once present at the Golf Course/Facility. You will hand your electronic device with your voucher/offer to the golf course attendant, as well as your identification to redeem your online offer. Once the attendant selects this button, 1 usage will be taken away.

PRINT = This button will be used to print off your offer that you wish to redeem. Once you select this button, 1 usage will be taken away. You will then take your printed voucher to the golf course and hand to golf course attendant with your identification.

SAVE THE OFFER = This button will be used to save your offer for future use. Once saved, you can check your saved offers by clicking on MY ACCOUNT. From there, you can click SAVED OFFERS.

How Do I Order the Iowa PGA Golf Pass?

Ordering is easy! You can CLICK HERE to order online using a credit card. We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and PayPal. Your order will be processed and mailed right away!  You may also print an order form from our website www.iowapga.com and mail it into our office with payment.

What is Different Between the Hard Copy Booklet and Electronic Golf Pass?

The only difference between the Hard Copy Booklet and Electronic Golf Pass is having the Golf Pass in hand via booklet or in hand via electronic device! Both versions of the Golf Pass have the same golf courses/offers/discounts.

How Do I Know What Facilities Are Included?

Over 250 golf facilities are included in the 2021 Iowa PGA Golf Pass. To view the discounts listed or search facilities by region, click on the link below. You’ll be amazed at how many opportunities are waiting for you!


Where Do The Profits Go?

*By becoming a Golf Pass Owner, you are supporting the American Cancer Society® since a portion of every sale is donated to this non-profit organization.  For each golf pass sold, the American Cancer Society® will receive 15% of sale of each pass. ACS does not endorse any service or product.

You are also helping support the game of golf through Iowa PGA junior golf programs and public awareness of the game. The Iowa PGA Junior Tour has over 100 tournaments for boys and girls under the age of 18. Programs such as the Iowa PGA Junior Tour, Iowa PGA Pee-Wee Tour, Iowa PGA Golf Skills Challenge, Iowa PGA Junior Golf Academy, Iowa PGA Charlie Burkart Scholarship (college) and many more will benefit from the funds raised through the Golf Pass.

Can I Give the Iowa PGA Golf Pass as a Gift?

Absolutely! The Iowa PGA Golf Pass makes a wonderful gift for the avid golfer, beginner or junior golfer in your life. For the low price of $40 (electronic golf pass) and $45 (hard copy booklet), you are giving this special person the opportunity to play premier courses in Iowa and Western Illinois at a discounted rate.  The Iowa PGA Golf Pass is the perfect gift for Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays, and retirements!

Hard Copy Booklet is the easiest way to give as a gift since as all you need is their address information.

Electronic Pass you have to make sure you use the recipients email address, address and unique username that way all credentials will be under their profile.


We suggest for the Electronic Pass specifically is to print off the front page of our website so that way they know they will be receiving this as a gift. Another way you can do this is to send the person the money so they may purchase on their own time (send a check to them, venmo, paypal or etc.)

See Purchase page for further details on ordering the Iowa PGA Golf Pass as a Gift!